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Finding My Niche #Prekill

There were massive amounts that I had to unlearn in order to move forward. It’s funny how clarity becomes a close friend once your daily work doesn’t solely involve making a dollar. Of course, we’re in business to make money, but we are also in business to create at a level that protects our ability to make money.

There Will Be Fights #Prekill

This notion that no friction will exist while you go for it. I laugh during a storm, not because I enjoy the storm, but because I know that it is indeed temporary and growing more so with each passing moment. If pain is a deterrent for you, these lessons, this philosophy, my organization might not …

The Narative #Prekill

There’s this moment where we identify, we find the thread that we are meant to pull on. We notice it, but we keep moving past it looking for, I don’t know, maybe a thread that’s even more obvious for us to pull on. Maybe one that’s looser. Here we are, in a frenzy looking to collect for no reason, when we could be understanding and crafting through our attempts at pulling on that first thread. Weeks, months, years. We realize that the thread we most loved, we most had interest in, was the one we should have focused intently on.

Deeper Move #Prekill

Finesse is the next level, the same thing that got Kodak Black on. Understanding how to make a move much deeper than surface level. Moving the chess pieces with a purpose. Moving the entire board if need be.

Everyday, One a Day #Prekill

The repetition leads to magic in my suggestion. I like to backtest my theories, and this one really stood out. I knew in athletics that the way I leveled up was through daily activity. I like the idea of goals, but the goals don’t really do anything other than guide an action that must be taken.

Survivorable Failures #Prekill

Ok, well I think I hit the nail on the nail this time. You only lose when you run out of quarters. There is this notion of trying until you find success. It only takes one time to become legendary. The combo to the safe, the lottery numbers, Da Vinci’s code. What’s the big deal, …

$500 Hat #Prekill

As I looked deeper into his page and paid close attention to his marketing I noticed that most (i.e. all) of his photos featured black people many of them celebrities. I thought to myself this is awesome, this dude is killing it and selling these dope ass hats to a niche clientele, maybe I can learn something from what he’s doing.

Why I listen to GXFR #Prekill

When skill is married to genuine stories it’s possible to weave a tapestry of intrigue through artform. This is why lyrical skill will always win for the intellects in rap. And when I say intellects I mean those of us that know and understand the difference between music that is more than music. Furthermore, I’m …

Sustainability #Prekill

You will become better as that novice layer dissolves. Therefore, you will begin spending more time in your new interest.

Rodney Mullen is Hip-Hop #Prekill

The movement alone is poetic. The philosophy behind his craft is sharp and technical in the most nuanced of ways. Understanding that comes from application, application that comes from spirit, and the passionate that only comes from deep down. We find these things that connect in this way, we call them hobbies, we call it fun, we don’t call it our calling.