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Finding My Niche #Prekill

There were massive amounts that I had to unlearn in order to move forward. It’s funny how clarity becomes a close friend once your daily work doesn’t solely involve making a dollar. Of course, we’re in business to make money, but we are also in business to create at a level that protects our ability to make money.

Mental Heavyweight #Prekill

The knowledge of becoming is the same knowledge that knowing is made up of. I feel like I’ve always known, not from a narcissist’s POV. More from an understanding that I cannot live a life leading to nowhere, if I don’t reach my potential then I’m doing all this for nothing.

There Will Be Fights #Prekill

This notion that no friction will exist while you go for it. I laugh during a storm, not because I enjoy the storm, but because I know that it is indeed temporary and growing more so with each passing moment. If pain is a deterrent for you, these lessons, this philosophy, my organization might not …

Strategy #Prekill

Robert Greene’s 33 Strategies of War still holds a special place in my heart. Those long hours spent reading, contemplating, writing, visualizing that part of my life started around that book. I was so dedicated to finding a path back then, so interested in possibility that circumstances where an afterthought. Focus was greater than circumstance, …

Life #Prekill

The lifestyle element that sits with us, waiting for our acknowledgment. In letting go of your mind you gain freedom. The safety of putting in the effort. Not physical effort, the mind needs to be appointed. The mental laziness…

Believe Series

Believe Series pt 2 #Prekill

The walk is much different than the talk. Ability harbored to experience the full range of business life. The depth of experience created through the journey, learning the lessons and following the clues. The conscious remembering…

My Ego almost destroyed me #Prekill

Jealousy has no place in a man of valor. It’s this healthy balance of competition that can show up as jealousy left unchecked. I’ve experienced it, checked it, and handled the feeling. The strength of others is not the weakness of myself. So many years, the coping mechanism was to turn a blind eye. The …

Starting Points #Prekill

The real blessing is having a place to start.

Our human spirit dies the moment we feel hopelessness.

Our war is one of attrition. The enemy is strong, our ability to regroup is paramount.

The job I want costs money, and yours probably does too #Prekill

I recently was forced to began another job search as I struggle to build Project Newsense and Meditation Life to a point that would allow me to take this whole Social Entrepreneur route to freedom. After having a few false starts I’ve been humbled to this point and accept it as just another divot in …

Introducing Ideas pt. 2 #Prekill

The ability to redirect the biting, nagging, paralyzing fear. That anxiety that only a man who’s experienced it understands. Think about it, think about the discomfort you experience. Accept it (take it on the chin) and move forward…