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The Narative #Prekill

There’s this moment where we identify, we find the thread that we are meant to pull on. We notice it, but we keep moving past it looking for, I don’t know, maybe a thread that’s even more obvious for us to pull on. Maybe one that’s looser. Here we are, in a frenzy looking to collect for no reason, when we could be understanding and crafting through our attempts at pulling on that first thread. Weeks, months, years. We realize that the thread we most loved, we most had interest in, was the one we should have focused intently on.

Flow State #Prekill

Everyday I show up at the same place, same spot. It was a trigger, a reality for my existence thus far. There was something I could capture by waking up a little earlier, thinking a little less, and acting while the rest of my body was attempting to come online. Is this dedication? Am I …

$500 Hat #Prekill

As I looked deeper into his page and paid close attention to his marketing I noticed that most (i.e. all) of his photos featured black people many of them celebrities. I thought to myself this is awesome, this dude is killing it and selling these dope ass hats to a niche clientele, maybe I can learn something from what he’s doing.

Lose to Gain

Lose to Gain #Prekill

Let go of what you think you know in order to grow, we can’t find a need to establish new rules and parameters if we can’t let go to gain. We make room for increase before we…

The Beginning is the Worst

As cliche as it sounds, the beginning of any endeavor can be wrought with frustration, doubt, disappointment, and resentment. As many approach entrepreneurship with…