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The Beginning is the Worst Too

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The Beginning is the Worst Too

Most of the pain associated with starting from the bottom is due to a lack of a known outcome.

Uncertainty is the difference, here’s proof

Society creates mindset. For instance, people hardly ever have any reservations about seeing themselves as professional athletes or entertainers coming from low income areas.

Perhaps it’s familiar in a way, several stories surround successful athletes that made it from those same areas, oftentimes just minutes away from that hopeful young boy’s very home. We learn to believe it because we’ve seen it.

Starting Point… Destination.

The map itself is present, giving hope and direction to the youth.

Without that map, the unknown is seen and looked at in a negative light due to an association in our society and culture that uncertainty leads to a negative outcome.

In these same neighborhoods, if you gather a room of 100 minorities and ask if they know anyone personally that is a fortune 500 CEO what do you perceive would be the response? Then ask the same group if they know of a rapper or athlete from the area.

As old as the leagues themselves, professional sports (along with entertainment) have seemed to have been a place reserved for minorities in mainstream America.

The idea of what success looks like is lavish indulgence. Not a problem entirely, but a problem when consumerism shapes destinies.

So we raise “Engineers” (the minority youth) one by one, limited in their application but very effective nonetheless.

Engineers that can look at lavish indulgence and ask, “What does he do?”

Engineers that see famous minorities and say, “How did he get famous?”

Engineers that look at their friends and ask, “What are your dreams? What’s your next step?”

Engineers that are so focused on creating what they have set in their minds at an early age that they naturally flee options and opportunities that don’t seem to add value to THEIR dream. The dream they fell into, the dream that was created through circumstance and interactions within the world they’ve known.

An opportunity is a distraction to one who has already found a mission; A distraction can be an opportunity to one who is looking for a mission. – Jordan Hill

We all go through a time of discovery in life. Some, fortunate in my opinion, are able to prolong this phase and really pinpoint their desires and vision for themselves. How big is your world? How great is your imagination?

There is an amount of work involved. It’s hard work that can’t be described as hard work in the way we look at it as in physical labor. The hard work of Entrepreneurship is mostly mental; a confrontation of limitation.

The catch is all people experience this regardless of where they are starting from. Improvement is a process of discomfort and pain. A successful man experiences it just as the unsuccessful man.The difference is the successful man has his prior success to reinforce what’s a seemingly counter-intuitive process.

Will you trust the process?
Will you perfect the process?
When is enough effort, enough?

The difference between me as an adult and me as a teen lies in the fact that we were always told when, where, and how to proceed as adolescence. What about as adults? This missing “instruction” created in me a desire to check my own progress and understand what I am doing at any given time.

We are raised and trained to seek a map and never believe in ourselves.

What if we made our own map?
What if we became our own advocates?
What if we stop seeking permission and start seeking our truest gifts and talents?