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The Beginning is the Worst

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The Beginning is the Worst

As cliche as it sounds, the beginning of any endeavor can be wrought with frustration, doubt, disappointment, and resentment. As many approach entrepreneurship with stats, quotes, and aphorisms, I’ve learned to steer clear of cheap talk and get down to brass tacks on building profitable businesses. All this from the hard lessons of starting bad businesses and failing until now.

Pathetic right?

I’m proud of my failures and losses.

I lost at entrepreneurship. It’s that same loss that allowed me to start again and build a win out of scattered losses.

I’m here to share my thoughts and story in complete transparency. I’m not Muhammad Ali, the greatest. I’m Rocky, the dude that got there by going through Hell.

Do I still go through Hell? Yes, but it’s different.

Going through Hell to push yourself to make more money is a lot different than going through Hell when you’re trying to make your first $1.
I can’t stress this enough.

No different than a child, as a new entrepreneur you grow the most early on. Being resilient enough to work even when it’s not working is a skill earned. Don’t lie to yourself (I did this) and say that you are working when you’re really just stuck. Tweak and experiment with ways to build, present, and market your business or service constantly. If you can find a way to do all this without fail, without slacking or giving up, then you can build the momentum to WIN in any situation. Consistent steps, whether big or small, will determine your outcome.

The hardest part is, “I want <blank> to happen but I don’t know how.” Followed by, “I’m waiting for <blank> to call, email, buy, decide, etc.”

The biggest hurdle to overcome in the entrepreneur’s journey is momentum, and here are a few things that will deplete momentum:

1. Irresponsibility 2. Procrastination 3. Distraction 4. Busy work

Is there anything that scares you? Because it is likely you will face it in this adventure we call entrepreneurship.
I’ve found that entrepreneurship has been a lot less about business, and a lot more about finding solutions and strategic processes.
Is anyone going to help you? I say this with the delicate touch of a new mother holding her child for thefirst time. “Hell No!”
The best, most loyal, wise mentor will offer advice, tips, ideas, insight, and opinions. But, no one will do your work for you. The work of figuring out how.
I pray with every ounce of spirit I have inside of me that you will take this one hard-earned statement tothe heart and grave. Don’t become a wantrepreneur who thinks each day they get advice is a step closer to solving the problem. Sadly, it’s no more than a distraction to the difficult task of sustained effort until victory is achieved. Fortunate for you, I’ve learned this exact same lesson in multiple ways. Always looking for a better recipe and never getting down to the cooking. You learn through doing. Thereasoning behind it lies in paying an “expert” to tell you something different than you already know. This creates confusion which then needs to be remedied by even more coaching/consulting/counsel. The cycle spins wilder until you no longer believe in yourself and stand petrified by the idea of taking on any endeavor without an “expert’s opinion.” You have now been made a consumer and are no longer the entrepreneur you thought you were becoming.
I caution you, it is a very delicate balance between input/output. Our lives have greatly swayed towards the latter but I’m telling you now to make sure you are using advice and expert opinion, not being used by it.
The fuel to create comes from the individual, even if you have the most expert counsel, the effort and strength of the pursuit is going to ultimately be based on YOU.
Less tiptoeing, more doing. Failing. Doing. Failing. Doing. Failing. Doing. ACHIEVING
  • Batting left-handed (Brother and Father’s support, but I had to continuously try to find my style)
  • Customizing my car at 16 (no prior car knowledge)
  • Trading (Stocks to Options to Futures to Swaps to Currencies: self-taught with mentors along the way to reinforce)
  • Investment Real Estate (Independent seeking led me to my niche)
  • Oil and Gas Equipment Brokering (came into this completely blind, left with relationships and a high paying job)
  • Website Building (Struggled to build my first site-now I know what I want and what I need it to be, so I pay someone)

I told my brother’s close friend (both collegiate athletes) that the athletic mindset is a blessing in and of itself when it comes to moving your life forward. The learning of what it is as a process to go from undesirable to most skilled is a competitive edge that can be used throughout one’s entire life.

The only decision is if “I want to go through what it will take to achieve <blank>.”

The outcome is ready-made, you could even describe it as scientifically proven. As Tony Robbins points out, knowing is the difference. Once the outcome is known, there is nothing left to do but focus on the consistent work that will lead to the breakthrough. But still, the beginning is the worst, there is no running from this, there is no getting used to this, there is only acceptance of this as a process.

As a bodybuilder mentally prepares for hard workouts, the amount of weight he lifts from week to week may change as he gets stronger, but the pain and strain of lifting “heavy” will always be present. It is his job to accept this and prepare mentally each and every time. This is something he gets used to over time but it is also something that does need to be faced each and every time. Building muscle and building will power to become a #MentalHeavyweight

The dogged determination is what many consider “difficult”. The not knowing coupled with the hard work seeming to lead nowhere is the “difficult” part.

The real pursuit in a man’s life should be his first real victory. That attainment of only one major goal can be a reference point for the rest of his life. 

Now that you know this, go ahead and get started, but remember The Beginning is the Worst, so stop starting things and complete something!