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The Blessing that is Liquid DnB

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The Blessing that is Liquid DnB

My life was changed by music.

Drum and Bass created a paradigm shift that allowed me to connect what I was and am to what I wanted to do with my life.

I believe in the notion that art can inspire drastic changes in thought, perception, understanding, judgment, imagination, and creative energy overall.

For the first time in my life I contemplated isolation as a positive social condition in which I began to develop my new self… i.e. an incubator for How to Kill Yourself. In this time, I began to realize that no matter how much I am denied, my influence remains in the hearts and spirits of those that come into contact with me.

I am ancient. I am eternal. I am so much myself that myself is given fully to God.

The weight of the strength gained is beyond my personal understanding. Then again, I take pride in not being naive enough to believe in my own capacity to understand. Furthermore, I have considered heavily many times deleting this post or “editing” it to make it less cryptic.

This is the director’s cut.

Why would I deny someone this intimate experience?

I hope only that they can experience it for themselves. I hope that they can evolve to a point where they clearly understand they evolved. To have arrived somewhere would imply you left something else. Evolution is not changing, it is improving oneself. How does one become more themselves? A better version?

The growth mentality is often not measured: “accomplishment with no merit, a measurement with no metric.”

The truest opportunity lies in that which is undetected, that which is unnoticed, that which is not in history books, made popular, or “understood” by the general public. An example of this is famous paintings that sell for tens of millions of dollars. What was it before being recognized as an expensive painting? Think about it.

A concept
Transferred to canvas within the physical constraints of a painter’s toolkit of brushes, sponges, etc. Perhaps totaling on average of a couple hundred dollars or less to begin with.
The unknown paved the way for this to happen. The highest levels of art can’t be taught, the most creative and individualized processes are unique and unable to be matched. True skill is as personal and individual as a fingerprint.

No Witnesses.

Value is added when the true artist transfers their gift from their mind to canvas.

The acknowledgment of the true strength. The humble, the drawn back, the true introvert advantage.

My highest value has been had in solitude. My experience for you to consider. 

The same song tells a story without words. The Bible verse that has no words. Nothing that it needs to be (is it even music?). Nothing that it can’t be (is this meditation?).

Music. Liquid Drum and Bass. Made me comfortable KNOWING that this space existed, that the power was real, and that the truest, rawest power and strength comes from what resides inside the individual as unattached from what our 5 senses tell us in bodily existence.

Everything physical/material is a derivative.

The source is that concept which resides in your mind.

No derivative can overpower the source.

We live with these concepts in our material plane. Rumors alter peoples’ reality. How many “true” rumors exist in your mental space right now based on derivatives (the manifestation of the source)?

You are aware. But what is awareness? e.g. (How much has this idea been watered down due to the derivative? Observation would be the source awareness a derivative; through observing you are aware, though if you are aware it doesn’t mean you fully observed.)

This process (I’m sure some Ph.D. has discovered and written about it) allowed me to take a journey through music to unearth hidden treasure that once may have seemed unreachable, unnecessary, and of no value in my life and how I approached it.

I write this to encourage you. Do you. FULLY.