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The Creative Non-Profit

The Creative non-profit

the creative non-profit

The Creative Non-Profit

Hi I’m Jordan Hill, the creator and founder of Project Newsense. I spent 4yrs mentoring youth in Houston’s notorious 5th Ward which led me to creating this business. We officially became a non-profit in late June and you can support us by donating here or purchasing merch here.

More than anything I’m here to offer a real look into entrepreneurship. The whole story, trial and error of me not only building other businesses but also Project Newsense itself. I’ll offer a true look along with the tools and processes that get me to my billion dollar valuation that I’m hoping to achieve. I’ll do it through a creative website. I’ll do it through an innovative website. This is social entrepreneurship at it’s finest. I don’t believe in getting into business without having something attached to your purpose outside of monetary gain. I hope to teach that through my life and this organization. There are many ways for inner-city youth to win, my job is to not only broaden horizons, but also provide a very clear route through tools and process. I don’t want to mislead anyone who interacts with my organization. I do want to offer my honesty as a solution. There is a lot of info out there that claims to know a way. “Influencers” offer tactics rather than strategy. Promises rather than hope. I don’t have all the answers, however, I have tried and failed many times and I can offer you a starting point that is further ahead than those on the sidelines assuming the route. I have a clear path and different from what you may typically experience, I’m showing you the real process as I go through it. I know I’m close this time, but it took the losses for me to understand the correct path.

Real Entrepreneurship. Simple. Creative. Honest.

Join us on the journey subscribe to our site for access to everything. Tools, content, one-on-ones, niche learning, etc.

Free to the youth through application, email me for application info.

My story How to Kill Yourself: Prekill  is coming later this year, please consider pre-ordering below:

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