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The job I want costs money, and yours probably does too #Prekill

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The job I want costs money, and yours probably does too #Prekill

I recently was forced to began another job search as I struggle to build Project Newsense and Meditation Life to a point that would allow me to take this whole Social Entrepreneur route to freedom. After having a few false starts I’ve been humbled to this point and accept it as just another divot in a very bumpy road thus far. I understand and accept the distance this has created with friends and family, sometimes

I wonder if my Annabel is superhuman how she continues to hang around and offer her sunny disposition on the particularly hard days. I love her for it, she’s definitely changed my life in that way. She doesn’t know that I know how hard it is for her to hold it together sometimes. I reflect and realize that the job I most want is indeed expensive. What does that mean though? Outside of the obvious rant on college debt, I can assure you that there is a literal cost to getting the
desired career we want.

I recently reached out to a proprietary firm here in Austin to begin trading. They proceeded to let me know that I’d need to put up $5,000 in order to then use the firms money as leverage in trading my account. Although this is industry specific, it is the inspiration for this post. Very well could be one of my last posts before I take a traditional job to pay back some debt and reduce the burden on my lovely Annabel. The route I’ve chosen to align myself with takes things like pride and preference and spits them out. Either you want it or you don’t. The path requires you to make hard decisions, I’ve gotten pretty good at it and have been rewarded with a reduction in my anxiety as a byproduct. Not money, fame, or recognition. My reward to being on the path so far has been that I can adapt to the path a little bit better. But lets take a step back. Doesn’t anything worth having require some kind of sacrifice and/or commitment? Expanding further I believe that our potential expands after each and every roadblock is identified and traversed. This is the way, there is a cost, there is a decision for how we use our time, money, and mental resources that precedes the building of a career that aligns with our purpose. In 2018 if you aren’t leveraging technology you are already behind. The reason it’s important to approach your work this way now, is because leverage is being utilized and you, me, your mama, and yes your cousin too, can all be made obsolete if we coast through life at some job that we barely want. There’s a cost, hidden fees are a pain. Would you rather be surprised or do you want to anticipate the cost. We all do it, we don’t check our bank apps, we don’t want to know the damage. We would rather enjoy the moment, worry about it later. Take control the antidote.