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The Reality #Prekill

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The Reality #Prekill

Entering the realm of entrepreneurship is a dose of reality that not everyone has the strength to endure. A harsh blow that can send your ego reeling if that’s what you’re susceptible to. Preparation to clash internally, your whole existence dictated on whether you can balance the negative feelings that inevitably come. How do you prepare for one of the most difficult times of your life. The understanding that comes with knowing that the opposites attract outcomes. We go through hell to reach heaven. We sacrifice stability for stability. We are going to war for freedom. The shifts that are not only necessary but also deeply needed.

We survive through strategizing. We create projects and businesses that have a life of their own. Sometimes that direction must change completely in order for us to bring it to life. The fluidity requires some measure of removing ego in a way that never seems natural at first. Experiencing the type of introspection that requires us to address much more than business matters. There certainly is a trap amongst the freedom that is being crated. An afterthought that involves your growth and success in a way that they typically won’t intersect. The ego is still there, somewhat replaced with drive. The outcome full of self-worth and ego. I imagine my own journey being something similar to an explorer charting well researched territory only to discover that the best path forward is one of adaptation that put us off course therefore rendering our previous plans all but useless.