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The Trap of Beginning #Prekill

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The Trap of Beginning #Prekill

Considering ourselves beginners is a trap

We are pursuers, we are chasing after a target and it’s often a moving target.

The broken idea that we should make a goal outside of growth is a fool’s errand.

I came to realize this after years of using Brian Tracy’s 20 goal idea and hoping to implant my subconscious.

20 goals written daily starting with “I will”

I did, but I also realized quickly that writing down measurable goals is the route rather than material goals. Let me explain.

The idea that we need to do anything other than grow is distraction.

Growth is the key, growing fast is a skill.

If you want to become something more than what you are today, there is growth required.

Business is growth, we excel in business based on who we are in our lives.

The best way we grow quickly is through process. Perfect process.

We don’t find the perfect process for us through some course, some blog, or some coach. We find it through trial and error, we are all different and there is no way to truly know what is best for you.

The pursuit of perfect is enough. The pursuit leads to a better way. The better way leads to our best attempt. Our best attempt is our perfect. Perfect as a target unveils possibilities. Possibility understood to a point where only exactly what is intended remains is perfection.

The shift towards acceptance of where you start is the start.

The bullshit of assuming results only appear in the form of money is the same thing that will make you take shortcuts that lead to you missing the point and subsequently the money. The best way to earn money is by providing more value than the amount asked.

The assumption that you make money through getting over has got to stop.

The idea of “hitting a lick” needs to stop. We already know how to hustle. We already know how to play the con man.

We have focused so intently on that which is crooked, that we have forgotten what it really is to do good business. This isn’t some huge revelation, just an observation that adding value must be pushed to the forefront in all we do.

How To Kill Yourself is a text that won’t exist as a success if I sell to one person that doesn’t feel they are receiving more value than the amount asked. For this reason the book is pay-what-you-want and this is because the skeptics that need the message most will realize after they’ve read it and come back to pay what they downloaded for free.