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There Will Be Fights #Prekill

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There Will Be Fights #Prekill

This notion that no friction will exist while you go for it.

I laugh during a storm, not because I enjoy the storm, but because I know that it is indeed temporary and growing more so with each passing moment. If pain is a deterrent for you, these lessons, this philosophy, my organization might not be for you. I feel that within discomfort and hardship we can truly learn the most about ourselves. I believe that winning happens on the back of enduring the slow periods. The moments in which progress is made, but no proof (money) is earned instantly. I’ve struggled for so long my self due to this false idea. I find beauty in the rough times, I know that I am being strengthened and God will allow me to tap into yet another level as I make it pass one difficulty. These fights, these battles, are part of a much larger war. We have our own unique skills to not only uncover but then learn how to utilize at our highest strength. This is largely why my courses don’t guarantee results but instead I offer my own story and hopefully a starting point for those curious to start. I can say that I’ve mastered the idea of starting and understanding starting points.

The resistance we experience is of our own making, the ability to discern whether we should stand and fight or avoid is indeed the making of a Champion. At any given time there is a fight that we can acknowledge and participate in. Not a fight in terms of a true adversary, but more like a sticking point. There is this need to acknowledge that goes overlooked. Our acknowledgment leads to opening the possibility to advancing. We understand our next roadblock by first realizing it is a roadblock. This is a decision, not an easy one, but our perception is where the majority of the hard work is done. We fail in creative endeavors and entrepreneurship in our minds first. We put in long hours physically, but hardly ever long hours actually thinking about and therefore improving our work.