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Thug it out Solo Dolo #Prekill

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Thug it out Solo Dolo #Prekill

No one is coming to save you. I stand corrected…

You can come save the weak version of you that thinks someone will come save you.

Not in a weak minded way, but factually.

For some of us, there’s this assumption that someone will have a piece of knowledge, expertise, or connection that will give you the solution you seek.

I was there, I know what it is. It sucks to believe that being patient and actively waiting (mental laziness) will lead to some sort of magical lock to fall to pieces while you receive the bounty of the treasure chest you’ve been seeking to secure.

Shit don’t work like that.

You can desire, expect, and receive. But you can’t tap in unless you’re on the right station.

Meaning, you find luck and positive outcomes on the other side of action.

But wait there’s more…

You learn this lesson, this one particular lesson.

Some of us don’t like to accept it and need to see it a few times to truly trust the signal.