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travis scott astroworld merch comes in

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travis scott astroworld merch comes in

Flashy cars, jewelry, money (literal cash)

The makings of what we see as success in the instagram era.

But… We miss the critical task of building as artist, entrepreneurs, creatives.

I found the intersection between business and artistry as I notice rap artist speak about venturing into other creative fields. It gets me excited because this is why I got into business in the first place. My own work HTKY Prekill has been about finding ways to utilize skillset has been my forte for some time now.

I recently saw an interview where Travis Scott mentioned his next album may be accompanied with a play, he’s a fan of broadway, and when you look at his live shows and music videos it’s evident that there is more artistry in his work than meets the eye.

This is where fans of Hip-Hop can clearly push the margins and infuse the culture into their work. Businesses created from the culture rather than stolen from the culture.

Why does it matter though?

Because it’s going to happen eventually regardless, there’s always going to be those that really know the culture, there will always be an opportunity to serve true heads. It’s a beautiful thing, let’s connect the dots. travis scott astroworld merch comes in

Some of the most devoted fans in all of music converge to pay homage to the best of today. What are we searching for? How many talented artists will be produced in the years to come? Where can we push the margin and provide opportunity for the most infectious creators to get the notoriety, credit and pay they deserve.

I play with this idea through Project Newsense, specifically through the HTKY Prekill Series. I started with the Believe Series and then expanded into physical product and community. Maybe there is somewhere you fit, I build this as a non-profit so that I could collaborate, feel free to link with me here.