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What’s Left #Prekill

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What’s Left #Prekill

“Broken down and leave you weak-kneed.” – Believe 79

There’s a point to which we reduce the whole to reach our most potent. It all boils down.

We can make it worth the struggles that must be endured, our propensity to need the result more than the process has rendered us useless in the face of growth disguised as adversity.

The goal posts are there, we don’t accept them, every time we find minor success we rest or we retool our approach in a way that stifles or halts further growth. No it’s not because of lack of education or know how. It’s because of consumerism.

Those dollars represent something when we see them in our account. It’s hardly ever freedom but most often it is comfort in the form of some material. I’m not here to tell you how to spend your hard-earned money. I am here to reveal the part that had me stuck for years.

When success is had after much turmoil, we want to celebrate the victory with material possession. We don’t want to double down or re-invest in a way that grows our success. Sometimes we enter into the idea of business only to purchase liabilities and attach quite a bit of our self-worth to looking the part of success rather than understanding our path to achievement.

We go to school in order to graduate (not learn). We earn money to spend money (not invest). We live outside of our means to impress others that possess less (perceived value). Now more than ever it’s our burden to carry the idea of being success rather than only looking successful. Why do we buy a huge house only to never truly reach financial freedom.

Would you live in an apartment until 40yrs old if it meant you would be a millionaire?

Why or why not?

Would you drive a 2009 Chevy Malibu that’s paid off and rent cars that you want to drive for the experiences you want?

Does this street cred you chase after get you paid?

Are you building anything with these choices or are you consuming today because tomorrow isn’t as important. Did you decide this route or did it come naturally? Do you listen to music more than podcasts? Is there a reason that the mixtape game exists in Hip-Hop and not other genres? Are we really that much more distracted than other segments of the population? Can we redirect the focus? Is there some version of us that wants to create at a level detached from the material benefits? Are we ever going to know an existence that resides outside of our perpetual need for money?

I love creating cashflows. I know that it is a necessity, I know now more than ever that it’s really the value that we are seeking to either control or sell.

Think about it this way.

Anything that you purchase whether you feel it is “expensive” or a “bargain” you decide to purchase because of the value that is added. Of course there are things we buy strictly out of necessity, but there are a ton of things we buy enthusiastically, feeling that we are achieving some victory as we exchange our dollars for said goods or services. Have you ever bought something on sale? How about something more expensive in which it was a process to save up for?

In both cases we are happy and even take pride in exchanging dollars for something else. The most interesting is when someone makes the exchange only to call it an “investment”. The truth is we rationalize in order to make the experience more palatable.