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Why I listen to GXFR #Prekill

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Why I listen to GXFR #Prekill

When skill is married to genuine stories it’s possible to weave a tapestry of intrigue through artform. This is why lyrical skill will always win for the intellects in rap. And when I say intellects I mean those of us that know and understand the difference between music that is more than music. Furthermore, I’m in the camp that truly believes that more know than those that don’t know. Mental stimulus the goal here. In other words, this art we call music becomes something connected to us through emotion and intellect. We experience that which isn’t spoken about often. Heightened levels of brain activity when the goosebumps occur. In this instance, finding the art amongst the grim reality of the stories that relate to a harsh life of drugs and murder.

The fascination turns to understanding that intelligence in it’s many forms can grace us. We experience this intelligence but we are unable to articulate it. To consume without application would be negligible at this point. Once you know you know. Hip-Hop of this type is aimed at a very specific demographic. It’s almost as if artist understands the listener as they make it. Appreciation comes from a very delicate taste, it feels as though the music is crafted rather than created. The feeling that is created is . This type of pattern recognition, word play, and cadence is for a Still the need to explain escapes the point that music this vivid must be support not only so the artists can make more, but the need is to transcend the places that this type of genre are being allowed to exist. How can you create this type of value and skill inside of a business model? Is there an application that is being missed for Hip-Hop. Can we communicate these same ideas by means of . I’m so tired of how we’ve allowed them to hold us back. Cam was right, SDE. Let’s keep it moving, this spot has been maxed out by the talents confined by it. This is a black thing, this is why we as a people have found greatness and pushed the boundaries within the boundaries. Something like providing an inmate freedom. A pat on the back and an empathetic “good luck”. We’re talking about a different type of trap. The bridge can be built, but is there a need to be first? Like anything of elegance, there comes a time where how we do is more important than what we do. This is modern philosophy provided to you in a way to stimulate and entertain. I’ve always felt that rappers have a unique position of delivering a speech over an instrumental. Instead of living through their books and teachings, they are immortalized on dat piff, okay player, 2 dope boyz, the rap genius.

Application is where the opportunity for creation is. The place in which we create is limited only by the limitations of our own vision. Yes, we have blinders placed on us. Once discovered, the blinders are no longer an issue for us. Step into a realm where creation is only an extension of what can happen, we offer the platform, you connect it like Wi-Fi.